Rwanda receives files ‘incriminating’ opposition figure in genocide



The Government of Rwanda on Monday announced that it had received the files of evidence incriminating opposition figure Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza from the Netherlands.

The files were handed over to Rwanda’s State Prosecutor by Dutch Ambassador to Rwanda Frans Makken. The documents will be used in the case which is now in its second month.

A statement issued by the State Prosecutor’s spokesperson, Mr Alain Mukuralinda, indicated that the handover followed months of cooperation between the judicial authorities of the two states to extradite evidence from the European country where Ms Ingabire lived before returning to Rwanda in 2010.

“The evidence includes several documents discovered during a search of Ms Ingabire’s residence in Holland,” the statement read.

Genocide denial

The Prosecutor’s office said that the files contained evidence that would pin the opposition figure and her co-accused on the charges she was facing of financing and engaging in activities to disrupt peace in the East African country.

“We have telephone records that contain her past communication with militia commanders as well as testimonies of people in Holland who worked alongside the accused,” the statement further read.

The transfer of the files comes after a long standoff between the Dutch prosecution and Ms Ingabire’s husband, who was attempting to block the transfer.

A Hague-based court early this month ruled in favour of the prosecution, paving the way for the extradition of the evidence, which Rwanda says will incriminate and expose the detained politician.



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