Paul Kagame’s Speech on July 19, 1994


Your Excellency the President, Your Excellency the Prime Minister, Your Excellencies the other dignitaries who are present here, men and women of Rwanda.

For my part, I feel this day is a very great day with a lot of happiness, an important day in the life of Rwanda, although it is a day that makes us sad when we remember the tragedies and other bad things which our Rwanda has been through in the recent past.

I think it is a great day, because I hope it is a sign that this is the last time we have seen such bad things in this country of ours.

In reaching this point, I thank all Rwandans who united to fight the bad leadership, a leadership that discriminated among Rwandans, a dictatorial regime, a leadership which mistreated those it should have governed.

I particularly thank the RPF forces who, in collaboration with other Rwandans, shed their blood and fought for the right cause. I thank those who sacrificed themselves in every way, until today, when I can say that the forces are in the final stages of restoring peace in all areas of the country.

So, if we look at what we have gone through and where we are heading, I feel that no one should deceive themselves by saying that we have completed the task and can now sit back and think that the problems are over.

I think it is time for all of us to stand up and work together, as we did in the past in order to reach the point at which we are now, when we are establishing a government in the hope that it will lead this country along the path of its development.

A path that will bring Rwandans together, so that the country can once again become for Rwandans, with all their liberties, and feel that no Rwandan has the right to deprive other Rwandans of their rights.

So I feel that it is not an easy task for us to be able to bring about a new way of life which is so distant from the one that we have been leading. It is a task for us all. That is the reason why I feel that some of those who have caused us all the problems up to this day are still out there and might still be harbouring the same plans.

But, I would like to restate here the contributions made by the RPF forces. I would like to promise you, on their behalf, and on behalf of other Rwandans who worked as a team with these forces, that I feel there is nothing that could now stop us from fighting for the welfare of Rwandans and their rights.

In fact, I would also like to remind those who might still be harbouring plans that the same Rwandans who rejected such evils are still here and that their power grows stronger by the day.

Likewise, I remind those who would like to throw us back into the situation from which we have emerged, that the forces are still here to reject them, fight them and defeat them.

I will not take up too much time. There are other dignitaries who wish to talk to you. I hope all of us will cooperate in building the new Rwanda, to give all Rwandans their liberty. Even those who have done evil, I feel we should tell them that they still have a place in Rwanda and that we have a duty to teach them or to punish them if necessary. I once again thank you, thank you, and thank you very much.

*By then Maj-Gen Paul Kagame, had been sworn in as Vice-President of the Republic of Rwanda.


5 thoughts on “Paul Kagame’s Speech on July 19, 1994

  1. Woawwwwwww!
    What an imotional speach?!
    This is a gift from God. To have a such wise person after a sad period.
    Mu mutwe we ntihari harimo guhora no gutukana nkibyabandi bashobora kuvugishwa numujinya harimo gufatanya nabanyarwanda bose babikunze ngo urwanda rusugire , ngo abanyarwanda babeho neza kdi bagire uburenganzira.
    Ijambo rye. Ryiza ryumvikanamo kutarambirwa no kutirara. Ashishikajwe no kubaka igihugu ntashishikajwe no gusahura nka bake mubo yarikumwe nabo. Ark Mana Kagame wacu uzamuzigame umuhe gusaza akiryoherwa nibyo yagejeje ku banyarwanda nibyo yaharaniye. Uzamuhe kurebesha amaso ye igihugu cye cyarageze aho ashaka ko kigera. Iri jambo ni ryiza.

  2. We are proud of you! Our excellency president, you always straggle for our live like Rwandans! We really appreciate what u have done! Gusa might God akazukurinde ibihe byose kandi agushoboze muri byose! Mureke twubake urwacu kandi turuheshe Agaciro

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