Kagame: Rwanda is not the creator of Congo


Rwanda President Paul Kagame yesterday said it was untimely to discuss whether he will seek a third term in office or not.

“We have much bigger issues to handle now. I wouldn’t want that third term issue to derail us from our ambitious agenda,” Kagame told journalists in Kigali on Monday during the monthly press conference.

The President described such a discussion as “premature” and “diversionary.”

Last week, residents of the Western Province on separate occasions asked the same question during the President’s three-day Citizen Outreach tour.

“Many people ask me about it. We will focus on it when time comes,” Kagame told journalists today, adding, “let’s cross the bridge when we get there.”

He added: “We’ve been through much bigger challenges; that should not be an issue.”

Kagame won the presidential election in 2010 and has since promised to step down at the end of his second term but speculators say he might stay around and revise the constitution.

President Kagame reiterated his government’s position on political problems facing Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Coolly, he said: “Let’s summarize it this way; Rwanda is not the creator of Congo; I am not responsible for what is happening in Congo,” he said in reference to reports that he has been generating unrest the eastern DRC by supporting M23 rebels with arms and recruits and even command.

He said if only a-quarter of MONUSCO’s $1.5bn budget was spent on things like extending running water and education services to the poor, DRC would be much better off than Rwanda.

Kagame said some people decided to fix the problems in Congo by creating problems to Rwanda which he said doesn’t make any sense.

“Rwanda is not the creator of the Congo problems. Rwanda only shares with Congo the problems they face together as neighbours,” observed Kagame.

Regarding United Nations’ plans to use drones to gather intelligence in DRC, Kagame said he had “no problem” since “they can do whatever they want because I have no control on that anyway.”

“I do not care about use of drones in DRC; if it can be helpful and bring peace, its fine.” Kagame added.

Umuvugizi January 22, 2013


One thought on “Kagame: Rwanda is not the creator of Congo

  1. President Kagame has restored our confidence in ourselves as rwandans and in our country. If he leaves before Rwanda has an opposition with a decent agenda it will be like abandoning ship.

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