HRW and Amnesty international: Do Away With Hypocritical Justice


BOSCO NTAGANDA is now safely in the hands of the ICC, but his brief stay at the US Embassy and the hullabaloo it caused was a sound reminder that this world is full of unscrupulous and opportunistic people.

First of all; Ntaganda voluntarily surrendered to the US Embassy and requested to be transferred to The Hague. In fact, the US government had put a $5 million bounty on his head.

No sooner had the embassy confirmed the surrender, the media was awash with close to hysterical chatter; everyone wanted to climb on the former rebel leader’s plight to prove their existence; from the perennial human rights organisation to forgotten Rwandan politicians who wanted a piece of the limelight.

They were calling on the Rwandan government not to hamper Ntaganda’s transfer as if that was its intention. Each wanted to take credit for the surrender.

The hypocritical noise seeking justice could have served even a bigger purpose if it had been directed where it was needed; the creators of safe havens for Rwandan Genocide fugitives.

The same countries that were making a lot of noise over the Ntaganda affair harbour thousands of Genocide suspects, but they are reluctant to cooperate with Rwandan authorities.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, to name but a few, could make their reports more meaningful if they sought true justice instead of playing for the cameras.



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