No evidence for Rwandan support to M23 – Foreign Secretary Hague


The UK Foreign Secretary has said that the world can see that Rwanda is not supporting the M23. William Hague made the declaration after meeting President Paul Kagame on Monday.

William Hague, who is in the country on a visit together with UNHCR special envoy and Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, discussed different issues regarding the Great Lakes region and the bilateral relations between the two countries.

“We discussed a wide range of issues. We discussed global security concerns as we are both members of the UN Security Council and the issues regarding peace and security in the Great Lakes region,” Hague said, adding that they also talked about their initiative of fighting sexual violence.

Concerning the Eastern DRC, Hague said that UK will make sure that there is peace and security in the region. “Bosco Ntaganda’s arrest was a positive development towards establishing peace in the DRC. We do welcome all the steps in which Rwanda has played a key role towards stabilizing the Eastern DRC.”

The British Foreign Secretary stressed that there should be no external interference in Congo, but also admitted that the accusations of Rwanda’s involvement in the DRC are bogus. “The world is able to see that Rwanda is not supporting the M23. There is no evidence for that.”

He said that UK will soon discuss and take appropriate steps concerning its aid to Rwanda. “I can’t guarantee an immediate discussion on the issue; my colleagues and I will discuss it soon.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo for her part said the relations between the two countries are still very good, despite the UK’s decision to suspend part of its aid following the accusations of Rwanda’s support to the Congolese rebels. “The UK which is a great partner, and friends sometimes agree and disagree. Our disagreements have been less than our agreements. The relationship between the two countries is very good.”

On a side note, she also stressed that Rwanda had played no role in getting Bosco Ntaganda to the US embassy. “We learnt from the embassy that he had surrendered. We just played our role in transferring him to the ICC in The Hague.”



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