MONUSCO and its Foreign Intervention Brigade (FIB), new partners of genocidaire FDLR


The Rwanda Focus is in possession of a leaked MONUSCO document, a “weekly assessment report”, for the period 09 July to 15 July 2013, submitted to headquarters of MONUSCO North Kivu Brigade. The docu­ment, a copy of which was leaked to this newspaper by sources in east­ern Congo, is proof of what many al­ready suspect – that MONUSCO, the UN “peacekeeping force” together with the UN “Foreign Intervention Bri­gade” (of Tanzanian and South Afri­can troops) are far from being neutral in the fighting and attendant atrocities like rape, looting and desecration of corpses taking place in the east of the Congo.

MONUSCO and FIB troops are ac­tively providing logistics, intelligence and even directly fighting on the side of FARDC and the FDLR Rwandan genocidal militia that has been thriv­ing on looting, raping and targeting Congolese Tutsi populations for exter­mination for the past 19 years.

The “weekly assessment report” and the paragraphs superimposed on the maps in it speak for themselves. A paragraph states in part …“FIB/Tanzanian troops ‘will move forward with 39th and 41st and 42nd FARDC/FDLR 110 rgmt (regiment) against M23’”,…and: “MONUSCO supplying foods, water, medication and EVAC (evacuation of the dead) to ‘FARDC coalition’”. By “FARDC Coalition,” MONUSCO means coalition of the Con­go army and the FDLR. The FDLR mi­litias often fight in place of the Con­go military whose troops all the time turn and run as fast as they can at the first sound of opposing fire.

Another paragraph within the re­port says: “It’s reported that MONUSCO supported FARDC tanks and troops to use its premises today 10:50 A.M so as to come closer to M23 held zones, a fact ‘violating and compromising the mandate of U.N. in Congo’”. The re­port went on to say the M23 political directorate raised this complaint (of MONUSCO violating its mandate).

The entire tenor of the report is de­cidedly anti M23. It is as if the entire raison d’être of MONUSCO (and now the FIB) is to actively participate, with the FARDC and its FDLR/Interaha­mwe militia proxies in hunting down, hounding or killing members of only one fighting group – the M23. But that is nowhere in the MONUSCO or FIB mandates.

The U.N. resolution that created the FIB for instance states: “the reso­lution strongly condemned M23, the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), the Lord’s Re­sistance Army (LRA) ‘and all other armed groups and their continued vi­olence and abuses of human rights’”.

It is nowhere in MONUSCO’s man­date to provide logistics, intelligence, evacuation services, air cover or any other measures actively supporting one side or another in the belligeren­cies. Yet that clearly is what MONUSCO – with its help of FARDC and FDLR – is doing.

Human rights atrocities are tak­ing place in the open, with the Con­go army directly implicated in rap­ing, looting and desecrating corpses as media reports that were awash with grisly images last week showed. FDLR have for the last 19 years ter­rorized the east of that vast country, exporting their genocide ideology by targeting Congolese Tutsi communi­ties for extermination, killing all they can find, raping, looting and commit­ting all other kinds of atrocities.

Reports of FDLR activities have repeatedly been forwarded to all the relevant parties: the U.N. bosses in New York, the African Union and in­ternational rights organizations. But the Congolese army and the FDLR receive much less condemnation than M23, a group that is barely four years old and that came about as a reaction to its people being targeted for anni­hilation.

Entities like Human Rights Watch, or the UN GoE (“group of experts” on the DR Congo) reserve far more brutal commentary for alleged M23 atroci­ties, even in the total absence of real evidence of those alleged M23 crimes. But HRW, GoE and others like that so much downplay FARDC and FDLR atrocities that the uninformed may imagine they are almost innocent of any crimes.

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