Rwanda hits back at M23 accusations and says UN failed in the DRC


Rwanda is unhappy with accusations it is arming M23 rebels in Congo, saying it would not back a group that was losing territory.

As the UN envoy to the Great Lakes region, Mary Robinson, continues her visit to the region, Rwanda’s Ambassador to South Africa says the country has become a scapegoat for the failure of the international community.

The UN Group of Experts has published evidence linking it to the rebels, but Rwanda says it has had enough of these accusations.

“Rwanda is getting annoyed by that. We remain firm in saying we are not arming the M23. And definitely, if we were doing that they cannot go back the way they do or be defeated the way they are. We cannot invest in a project that is not winning territory,” Rwandan Ambassador to South Africa Vincent Karega said.

Karega says the claims stem from the UN’s failures in Congo.

“Of course we can also say that the UN has failed there, and the UN needs to blame someone. Rwanda has been a scapegoat for everyone including the media and NGOs have been blaming us. But we’re asking for solid proof. If Rwandan is really there, why can’t they take satellite pictures of Rwandan soldiers fighting?”

Because of its own position in the Great Lakes, Rwanda maintains it cannot just ignore instability in Congo.



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