Racism: Ugandan journalist Obore On Edge Over “Banyarwanda” Facebook


The Nation Media Group (NMG) was expected to respond to a Banyarwanda hate post that appeared on journalist Post Chris Obore’s Facebook page, Chimp Corps have learnt. Impeccable sources say the matter was raised on Monday morning during the NMG Editors’ meeting at Great Rift Valley Hotel, Naivasha, Kenya.

The Facebook post which attributed all Uganda’s problems to a few brutal “Banyarwanda” in top government positions touched off a firestorm on the social media during the weekend.

“The Banyarwanda segregate people. They are pretenders. They are fighters/violent. They are hypocrites. They sow seeds of disunity and they regard others as subhuman,” the post alleged.

“Unfortunately, they have penetrated Uganda too much. They are in military; they are in police, yes… they changed their names to be like Baganda, Banyarwanda. Even after making themselves Ugandans they keep serving Rwandan interests and behave with enmity like they have Hutu vs Tutsi. They want to dominate others…”

Many urged NMG to take action on Obore while others called for his prosecution on grounds of spearheading a hate campaign against Rwandans.

However, sources close to Obore say his Facebook account was hacked.

Obore has since insinuated in another post that he knew the individuals behind the hacking of his account but is yet to condemn the hate post.

Obore on Sunday night missed out on the NTV 4th Estate programme, further raising fears that NMG had kept him away in the wake of the Facebook hate post.

“I know who did it and why. Let me first see how it goes. I am learning a few things out of it. You will get all details later. They think they can mobilise against me through that,” Obore told Chimpreports without giving more details.

Obore is the head of investigations at the Daily Monitor and panelist on 4th Estate and also Kfm.

The Special Presidential Assistant in charge of Research and Information, Morrison Rwakakamba also weighed in on the debate, saying Uganda is faced with a cartel of challenges such as rent seeking and corruption in public and private sector which are not a result of Banyarwanda.

“Rent seeking by partial and corrupt public officials increase cost associated with entrepreneurial investment and may lead foreign investors to take their businesses elsewhere while forcing domestic entrepreneurs to go underground, leading to high levels of informality and a very narrow tax base,” said Rwakakamba.

“This we should fight- all of us. Corruption is not yellow, white, blue, red, pink etc nor is it from north, west, east, central or any other part of the country. The attempt to tribalise and politicize some of these issues by some people and groups on this platform and elsewhere is a nonstarter,” he added.

“Now Chris Obore writes that all problems, challenges, failings, earthquakes and bad omens in Uganda are because of Uganda’s Banyarwanda tribe. Really? Is he trying to debunk history and reality? Is he prodding xenophobic tendencies?” Rwakakamba wondered.

“I am hoping I misunderstood him.  I am inviting Chris Obore to read a book “The Politics and empowerment of Banyarwanda Refugees in Uganda 1959-2001 by Professor Elijah Dickens Mushemeza – here he will probably contextualize and understand the story of Banyarwanda as citizens of Uganda, their issues, character, social organization, their humility, sense of organization etc. Otherwise, let’s avoid blame games, expediency and scapegoats when dealing with challenges that affect this country.”

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