The death of chief spy rekindles memory of fugitive Felicien Kabuga


Wednesday morning, Rwanda’s former spy Chief Mr Patrick Karegeya was found dead in a hotel room in South Africa. It wasn’t long before the finger was pointed at Rwanda. Why not? It seems like the logical explanation. Fred Mwasa reports

Mr Karegeya fled the regime – and 20 years in jail – claiming he was not safe, and by his own standards he was Kagame’s greatest foe. It seems the case was closed before his body reached the morgue. Kigali is silent.

But who is Karegeya? 

It seems Mr Karegeya was no angel. In fact, quite the contrary, he was a ruthless opportunist who would sacrifice the lives of ordinary Rwandans to gain the one thing he wanted most: power.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

During his time as the chief of external intelligence, Mr. Karegeya began to forge alliances with people like Felicien Kabuga, the man currently on the US most wanted list for financing the genocide against the Tutsi of 1994.

Through two of Kabuga’s children, Donatien Nshimyumuremyi alias Nshima and Seraphine Uwimana who visited Rwanda between October and December 2003, Kabuga was able to regain the rights to family property. Under the directive of Mr. Karegeya, an officer of external Security accredited to the Rwanda Embassy in Belgium Mr Janvier Mabuye granted powers of attorney to both Kabuga’s children.

Mr Karegeya provided all the necessary documentation and protection to the two women. Kabuga’s family obtained ownership of the building next to City Plaza in downtown Kigali, and the building that houses Banque Populaire Muhima branch.

Details obtained from ground-breaking investigation show that the two women stayed at the Mille Collines and invoice No. 105620 was forwarded to National Security Service (NSS) External Security Organisation (ESO) for payment. The payment was effected from the NSS-ESO account by cheque number 438099 dated February 25, 2004 and signed by Patrick Karegeya.

With Mr Karegeya’s help, Kabuga has been able to continuously evade justice. According to insiders working with International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, investigators uncovered a network involving Mr. Karegeya who always tipped off the fugitive billionaire to run before the agents arrived at his door. Kabuga, the man largely responsible for how efficient the genocide was, is still at large thanks to Mr Karegeya.

So close they are, Kabuga’s son in law Dr Paulin Murayi has been the leader of the Belgium chapter of the Rwanda National Congress since 2012.

Working with FDLR

His links to those who participated in the genocide don’t end there. The UN Group of Experts show that he repeatedly met with high profile FLDR leaders including …… in 2009

He has been meeting them ever since, in the Congo, in Tanzania, in South Africa.

His objective: overthrew the government by any means necessary. By any means means hand in hand with the group that exterminated over one million people.

It means using grenades to kill the very Rwandans whose rights Karegeya and the RNC claim to represent. It wasn’t hard to connect to FLDR. He was never a Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) soldier. He lied his way into the army in 2010?

It is easy to kill people you never fought to save nor protect with your very life.

Karegeya was certainly no saint. No one in Kigali is mourning him.

In another comment “The Violins Don’t Drown out the Opportunistic Politicking” Sonia Uwimana says:

“I have no idea who killed the exiled former spy chief, a man who spent his days planning grenade attacks targeting innocent civilians. I assume he had a lot of enemies. People who oversee acts of terror, not to mention advocate the violent overthrow of governments, usually do.  The theory that it was carried out by a government sanctioned Flying Ninja Death Squad is as predictable as it is baseless. (Would such ruthlessly efficient killers stuff the murder weapon in the safe of the hotel room where the murder took place, I can’t help but ask myself).

Anyway, for the same reasons I don’t know who murdered Karegeya, the yawn-inducing parade of self-anointed experts and media prognosticators can’t possibly know either.  There is a police investigation that promises to be very fruitful. More actual facts will be available soon.

In the meantime, please — oh puhlease — spare us the fiction that Karegeya is a slain and martyred hero. It’s hard to imagine someone less befitting the description. Put down your violins.”


One thought on “The death of chief spy rekindles memory of fugitive Felicien Kabuga

  1. Perhaps not a hero but exceptional enough to run RPF-RPA external intelligence for 10 years right after the war and genocide. Trust misplaced ? By the way Kabuga’s child, Nshimiyimana Donatien is not a lady. Karegeya was on duty when he took care of his several months long visit to Rwanda. How could Kigali repatriate and reintegrate in the army FDLR chiefs without engaging them in lne way or the other. Sure Karegeya was no saint nor hero but he served RPF regime post war and genocide tough times

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