Racism And Racial Discrimination on The Rise In France


Muslims have been on the receiving end of radical discrimination in France, a recent opinion poll conducted by the French institute BVA reveals.According to the survey, conducted through phone interviews with 1 040 French adults from December 17 to 19, 2013, an overwhelming 78 percent majority of respondents say Muslims are bearing the brunt of racism in France.

The results of the poll were released on January 6. Moreover, 57 percent of the interviewees believe that racism has escalated in France over the past ten years.

This survey shows that Muslims have been the biggest victims of racism in France in the past decade. France is home to the largest Muslim population in Western Europe.

Nearly ten percent of the 62 million people living in France are Muslim. Back in October last year, a poll showed that racial discrimination against the Muslims community in France has increased over the past two decades.

The survey, conducted by the French polling institute, Ipsos, revealed that 59 percent of the French believe that discrimination against Muslims has been on the rise in their country during the past 20 years. — Press TV.



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