News Alert: Malawi police arrest four for facilitating illegal lags from Rwanda


One Tanzanian national and three Malawians are in police custody in Malawi’s northern border district of Karonga for aiding and abetting seven Rwandese (three women and four men), to enter the country without valid documents.

Karonga Station Officer Almakio Daka identified the suspects as Braham Mussa, (47) years of Mbeya village in Tanzania, Jackson Mweneloki (28) of Luhimbo village Traditional Authority Kyungu in Karonga, Pililani Mphande (27) of Matemanga village Traditional Authority Ntwalo in Mzimba and Beyan Munthali (25) of Kajiso village Traditional Authority Ntwalo in Mzimba.

According to Daka the four were caught at Lukulu road block in a minibus coming from Songwe boarder going to Mzuzu.

All the suspects were in a minibus Toyota Hiace registration number MZ9621 with two conductors which are Malawians and Malawian driver and a Tanzanian who was with the seven people in the back seat,” said Daka.

He said during interrogations the three Malawians told the police that they were hired by the Tanzanian nation to carry the people and were told everything will be well in the road blocks.

Daka said the illegal immigrants said that they were from Democratic of Congo (DRC).

“In the interview, the seven people explained that they are from the DRC and are seeking asylum  in Malawi but when we called United Nation High Commission of Refugees (UNHCR) representative here in Karonga to interview them if they really looking for refuge, they failed the interview hence they will answer charges of entering the country illegally,” said Daka.

Meanwhile the police also impounded the minibus they were travelling in.

By Tiwonge Kumwenda


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