DR Congo: Priest seriously injured in road ambush by FDLR


A priest from the Order of the Clerics Regular Minor (Adorno Fathers) was seriously injured in a road ambush on Sunday, 20 March, in Katwiguru, 30km from Rutshuru in North Kivu, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Father Jonas serves in the parish in Nyamilima. He was on his way to celebrate Mass when, at around 7am, his car was attacked by armed men, presumably guerrillas of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), at the entrance of the village of Katwiguru. Fr Jonas was hit by five bullets, in the right arm, leg and spine. His driver was hit by two bullets in the arms. A girl who was in the car was also hit. Many among the leaders of FDLR left Rwanda after committing genocide against Tutsi.


Fr Jonas and the other victims were rushed to hospital in Goma. His car was riddled with bullets and is said to be completely destroyed.

This is the second attack on priests working in Nyamilima in the last two months. For several days the regular Congolese army has been hunting the guerrillas of the FDLR in Rutshuru territory. The guerrillas have stepped up attacks to seize road vehicles in order to flee or to get money from passengers.

Source: Fides


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