Genocidaires’ Disciples and Their Useful Dupes (Part V)


By: Tom Ndahiro

The more Charles Kambanda maligns Rwanda and well-known positions of civility, supposedly in defence of President Yoweri Museveni or his imaginary freedom of exprSimonession, the more he confirms his most unabashed genocide ideological predispositions.

I decided not to use Kambanda’s title “Professor”, just to avoid insulting professors worth the name. On 11th February 2020, on his Facebook page, Charles Kambanda published a diatribe related to ongoing mediation processes to resolve an ongoing conflict between Uganda and Rwanda. His titles his diatribe: ‘How President Paul Kagame secured the government of Angola in his corner against President Museveni’.

It was on 12th February reproduced by two online websites which serve as propaganda tools of the Kampala regime. Despite the falsehoods, slurs and genocide ideology in the piece, the two websites, Great Lakes Post and SpyReports UG didn’t venture into changing anything as written by Kambanda—the fellow that hoodwinked people into a law professorship, and legal counsel designation in the US.

A lie

There are so many fabrications in Kambanda’s text, especially people’s relations and their businesses. One lie is worth attention for credibility test of Kambanda. As a way of disqualifying Angola as bona fide mediator, Kambanda gave three reasons as to why according to him Angola should not have been involved in Rwanda Uganda issues.

One is allegedly unimportant social economic interests of Angola in Rwanda and Uganda; second is that the country is not a member of the East African community; and last, Kambanda claims: “Angola is tens of thousands of miles away from Uganda and Rwanda.” And, that, “for economic reasons” Kambanda feels that, “conducting negotiation between Rwanda and Uganda from Angola imposes unnecessary economic costs.”

I thought as a supposed lawyer—Kambanda should know that using numbers is not a gratuitous affair. Had he said “Angola is tens of thousands of furlongs away…” would have been understandable. But a distance in “tens of thousands of miles” is a colossal blunder—not out of misjudgement but manipulation.

For anyone who studied geography in elementary level or early secondary schools was taught the length of the Equator (circumference of the earth) is about 24,901 miles or 40,075 kilometres. Out of this distance, only 21.3% is over landmass whereas 78.8% lies across water, mostly oceans.

Evidently, the hyperbole to increase the distance between Angola and our region was meant to push his wicked agenda.

While the readership was being manipulated mirror accusations are full in this text to discredit the mediation efforts. Here are some examples: “… so-called mediation is proof of how far Mr. Paul Kagame can go to manipulate people and public institutions.” This mediation as Pan Africanists “is a lie” (…) “the Angola talks are manipulative and in bad faith”; “…President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the people of Uganda are left waiting in the wings, unaware.”

Genocide ideology

The above lie is harmless as compared to a statement he made to demonstrate according to him “how serpentine and deceitful the government of Rwanda can be”. Kambanda said: “The President of Rwanda used two major tools to hoodwink high profile government officials of Angola; money and the “girls’ brigade”.

“President Paul Kagame is ‘infamous’ for using well trained beautiful girls to spy on, and/or take compromising photos of high profile foreign and local dignitaries. Mr. Paul Kagame deployed money and “the girls’ brigade” to Angola, unsparingly.”

The above proclamation is rebirth of genocidaires’ beliefs, both Rwandans and foreigners. Kambanda and the Ugandans who reproduced this abhorrent dogma conveyed nothing new. They simply discharged foul-smelling notions fetched from the reservoir of Rwandan genocidal propaganda. Cases in point are abundant that show how this kind of vitriol poisoned communication, and therefore minds.

Charles Kambanda’s views should be viewed as exceedingly violent. During the genocide, a lot of Tutsi women were raped. According to Human Rights Watch, these rapes “served strategic and political ends.” Reasons provided by this organisation are: prior to, and during the genocide, extremist propaganda vilified Tutsi women on the basis of both their gender and their ethnicity. According to the extremist ideology, Tutsi women sought to sexually manipulate Hutu men as a means to achieve Tutsi domination of the Hutu community.

“Perpetrators of the genocide thus viewed sexual violence against Tutsi women as an effective method to shame and conquer the Tutsi population.”

In 2003, the Trial Chamber in the Media Case Judgement noted that: “Tutsi women, in particular, were targeted for persecution. The portrayal of the Tutsi woman as a femme fatale, and the message that Tutsi women were seductive agents of the enemy was conveyed repeatedly by RTLM and Kangura.”

The ill-famed Kangura magazine, a well-known hate propaganda tool against the Tutsi, is Kambanda’s template. In Kangura Issue No. 6 of December 1990 published an article entitled ‘Appeal to the Conscience of the Hutu’ within it “The Ten Hutu Commandments”. The article alleged there was a plan of 1962, in which the Tutsi chose two weapons they believed operational and effective against the Hutu: “money and the Tutsi woman”.

To put this plan into practice, the author of the article stated that the Tutsi used money deceitfully to take over Hutu companies and eventually State authorities. The article further said Tutsi women were sold or married to Hutu intelligentsias or highly positioned Hutu officials, to serve as spies in influential Hutu circles so as to “pass secrets to the enemy”, or fix government appointments in case one wants special import licenses.

This vitriol of 1990, is brought back without names ‘Hutu’ or ‘Tutsi’. Instead it is Angolan leaders and fictitious “girls’ brigades” or “trained beautiful girls” – the supposed “spies”. To fathom well what Kambanda meant, and his sources that he does not quote, Kangura’s Decalogue is fundamental.  Here are four (out of the ten).

“Every Hutu male should know that Tutsi women, wherever they may be, are working in the pay of their Tutsi ethnic group. Consequently, shall be deemed a traitor.

“Any Hutu male who marries a Tutsi woman; Any Hutu male who keeps a Tutsi concubine and Any Hutu male who makes a Tutsi woman his secretary or protégée.” (Commandment No 1)

“Every Hutu male must know that our Hutu daughters are more dignified and conscientious in their role of woman, wife and mother. Are they not pretty, good secretaries and more honest!” (Commandment No 2)

“Every Hutu male must know that all Tutsis are dishonest in their business dealings. They are only seeking ethnic supremacy.” (Commandment No 4)

“The Rwandan Armed Forces should be exclusively Hutu. That is the lesson we learned from the October 1990 war. No soldier must marry a Tutsi woman.” (Commandment No 7)

In late 1993 and early 1994, there were more than a few cartoons published in Kangura portrayed UNAMIR General Romeo Dallaire with women. In Kangura No. 53, he is shown kneeling and sucking the breast of a woman, who is saying to two other women standing in line behind her, “When I would have finished, I would also asked you to breast feed Dallaire.” In the first cartoon, Dallaire is literally kneeling at the feet of the half-naked Tutsi woman.

In another cartoon published in Kangura No. 56, of February 1994, Gen. Dallaire is shown with his arms around two women, one of whom is kissing him. The title reads: “General Dallaire and his army fell prey to the traps of the femmes fatales.” The woman to Dallaire’s right has a tattoo on her arm of a love heart with cupid’s arrow running through it, beneath is the writing ‘FPR’, the implication being that the woman loves, and hence works for the RPF.

This cartoon was meant to demonstrate how Dallaire had become the victim of the Tutsi woman’s “sexual allures”. Extremists like Kambanda have long traded in the old racist trope of the Tutsi woman is another Biblical “Delilah character” against Samson – i.e. one bent on using her sexual charms to undermine and destroy the aspirations of the Hutu and the “Bantu”.

The cartoons is a recreation of sexual power in politics, and explicitly the sexual component of what they see as Tutsi duplicity.

Genocide against the Tutsi had many façades created by personages whose determination was to convert as many unconvinced Hutus into genocidal fanatics. One of these people was an artist called Simon Bikindi. This musician composed songs to mass incitement; and edge on Hutus to loathe their Tutsi neighbors and to eradicate them.

There is no doubt Bikindi was a brilliant and skilled lyricist. His knowledge of Rwandan language, traditions, culture and history was far above than average.

This gave him power to compose songs which could easily sow trepidation amidst the targeted Tutsis and comforting the ears and minds Hutus.

In his three songs (Twasezereye, Akabyutso and Intabaza) which filled the airwaves of Radio RTLM and Radio Rwanda a Tutsi is portrayed as an enemy of the Hutu and who wants to recapture power by treachery—using women and cows as bait.

Charles Kambanda and his Ugandan accomplices no doubt are Bikindi and Kangura apostles.

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