Munyeshyaka is a mass murderer in Rwanda and priest in France

On April 6, 1994, all hell broke loose in RWANDA, signaling the commencement of the pre-planned genocide of the Tutsi. That same September, 1994, with the help of the French Catholic Church, 37 year old “Father” Wencheslas Munyeshyaka escaped from Rwanda, having desecrated Sainte-Famille parish in Kigali where he would invite his parishioners to meet their death, under his supervision.

Survivors of the genocide accused Munyeshyaka of torture, rape, inhuman or degrading treatment during the genocide. In short, crimes against humanity. Not a word from the Vatican. They still let him dorn the so-called Holy attire – to this day.

On November 16, 2006, this beast of a man was sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment by a Rwandan Military Court in Kigali. Today, this convicted felon is alive and well in the southern French village of Bourg-St-Andeol, in a 12th. century church where he conducts Mass every Sunday. Again, not a word from the Vatican.

The wheels of justice move ever so slowly. Let’s examine:

1995: Genocide survivors lodge a complaint.

July 28, 1995: Munyeshyaka is arrested by the French charged with genocide.

August 1995: Munyeshyaka is released.

March 1996: The Nimes Appeals Court says it does not have competency to judge the crime of genocide committed abroad by a foreign national against other foreign nationals. (Translation : let them kill each other !)

January 1, 1998: case against Munyeshyaka is re-opened stating the the Nimes Appeals Court had erred by only considering the competency of French court to judge the crime of genocide.

June 2004: the European Court of Human Rights unanimously decided that the French courts had violated the rights of Yvonne Mutimura, a victim, to be heard promptly.

June 21, 2007: Munyeshyaka is re-arrested, in France.

August 1, 2007: The Paris Court of Appeals rules that the arrest warrant was invalid and ordered Munyeshyaka’s immediate release.

September 2007: Munyeshyaka is re-arrested.

November 20, 2007: The ICTR grants the motion to refer the case to the French authorities, which they accepted in February, 2008.

March 16, 2011: Munyeshyaka is a free man, a clergy in good standing of the Catholic Church.



2 thoughts on “Munyeshyaka is a mass murderer in Rwanda and priest in France

  1. The Vatican is only interested in protecting child molesters, rapists and murderers. It puts them back behind the altar with ‘power’ to forgive sins.The victims are ignored as usual. When are we all going to realize what a fake this pathetic religion is?

  2. The Catholic church has blood of over a million of Tutsis killed in the 1994 genocide. whether they refuse it or accept it, it will never make them innocent hence it has moral authority to teach God`s ways to humanity.

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