Of Fake Survivors and their Genocide Denialism Agenda


By Jean Kayigamba

This painful three-month period of national life is a time when we, Rwandans and friends of Rwanda remember our loved ones we lost in 1994 to the worst of the genocides of the twentieth century. It is also a time of reflection and taking stock of where we are twenty-six years on. Continue reading

Genocidaire’s Disciples and Their Useful Dupes (Part IV)


By Tom Ndahiro

Genocide ideologues never cease to create and recreate forums to sustain their toxic isms. The political juggling and tricks packaged as human rights activism and Democratic campaigning, are recycled over and over again. In the planning and execution phases of the genocide and the subsequent denial, metaphoric catchphrases are liberally employed. To those in the know, the metaphors serve as encrypted verses for extermination. Continue reading

Kagame: Rwanda’s hero, admired and not feared


By: H.E Williams Nkurunziza*

To millions of Rwandans and objective observers around the world, President Paul Kagame is the most compelling hero of our time. He is a man who not only put his life on the line to stop the most ferocious genocide in modern history, the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, while the rest of the world watched with indifference, but he has also been the main architect of Rwanda’s phenomenal turn-around from a basket case in 1994 to a model state in Africa, today. This is our reality; our truth. Continue reading

Charles Kambanda: A Genocide Ideologue Hiding Behind the Mask of Academics


By: Tom Ndahiro

There is serious discordance between the academic credentials of Professor Charles KM Kambanda as well as his legal practice and his opinions. To his students at St John’s University in New York and his clients New York State as Attorney and Counsel-at-Law, he is a qualified lawyer. But for those who attentively read or listen to his thoughts on Rwanda and the Great Lakes of Africa, he comes out clearly as a second-rate pseudo academic. Continue reading

Négationniste du génocide des Tutsi du Rwanda dans des universités belges


Par Romain Gras

Soixante chercheurs, journalistes et historiens spécialistes du Rwanda ont adressé une lettre ouverte aux rectorats de quatre universités belges pour protester contre l’intervention de la journaliste canadienne Judi Rever à une série de conférences entre le 9 et le 12 octobre. Auteure du livre « In Praise of Blood », dans lequel la journaliste insinue la thèse controversée du double génocide, Judi Rever est accusée de négationnisme. Continue reading