Genocide Against Tutsi in Rwanda: US Denial Worse Than Is Usually Remembered


By: Nathan J. Robinson

“If the horrors of the Holocaust taught us anything,” Bill Clinton said before becoming president, “it is the high cost of remaining silent and paralyzed in the face of genocide. Even as our fragmentary awareness of crimes grew into indisputable facts, far too little was done. We must not permit that to happen again.” Continue reading


Genocide and Myth of the Hima-Tutsi-Empire in the Great Lakes Region of Africa


By: Tom Ndahiro

Before, during and after the Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi, its promoters repeatedly claimed that the RPF and Tutsis generally had a plan to build an empire covering the Great Lakes and eventually the Sub-Saharan Africa. Even after so many Tutsis were killed, the perpetrators and their associates are trying to kill our memories of the crime committed, partially through the spreading of this myth. Continue reading