Genocide Against the Tutsi and the International Indifference


Twenty years ago this Saturday, the commander of United Nations peacekeeping forces in Rwanda wrote a coded cable to his superiors in New York that has come to be known as the “genocide fax.” Continue reading


The Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda: Why early warnings failed


By Dr. Gregory H. Stanton[1]

Abstract: Early warnings of the Rwandan genocide were ignored because policy makers perceived it as a “civil war”, denied the facts, and decided not to intervene, preventing US and UN lawyers from calling the killing “genocide.” Continue reading

Collusion and Betrayal on the Suez Canal- What Really Happened in the “Yom Kippur” War?


By Israel Shamir

Here in Moscow I recently received a dark-blue folder dated 1975. It contains one of the most well-buried secrets of Middle Eastern and of US diplomacy. The secret file, written by the Soviet Ambassador in Cairo, Vladimir M. Vinogradov, apparently a draft for a memorandum addressed to the Soviet politbureau, describes the 1973 October War as a collusive enterprise between US, Egyptian and Israeli leaders, orchestrated by Henry Kissinger. Continue reading