China Honours Victims of 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi

11 April 2011

Rwandans living in China, last week organised the 17th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, under the theme “Upholding the truth; preserving our dignity”.

Over 500 people from six provinces – Beijing, Guangzhou, Hubei, Tianjin, Jiangsu and Hunan attended the event, held at the Rwandan Embassy in Beijing.

Those present included, Chinese officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Commerce, representatives of main Universities in China and other Chinese institutions that work closely with the Embassy.

The day started with a tour of an exhibition showing Rwanda’s history and the build-up to the Genocide.

After the tour of the exhibition, Pastor Mark Blair led commemoration prayers.

The pastor’s sermon focused on creation of man in God’s image.

He noted that no one has the right to kill another human being, emphasising that human life is sovereign and must be protected, by all means.

In his remarks, Ambassador Francois Ngarambe shared Rwanda’s reconciliation journey and the efforts in place to prevent atrocities of such magnitude.

The Dean of Diplomatic Corps in Beijing, the Ambassador of Togo, Nolama Ta Ama, noted that the world stands together with Rwandans during this period when they remember their loved ones.

Two movies – “Shake hands with the Devil” and “Sometime in April” were screened.


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