Rudasingwa is a sick man in politics

By Makara Jean–26th March 2011

It is almost seven months now. I have been reading Theogene Rudasingwa’s articles and postings. Be it on genocidaires’ websites, Blogs and on his facebook page.

It is very apparent that this Rudasingwa is sick. Based on what he writes, he is a psychopath. He demonstrates clear signs of personality disorder including a pattern of lying, recklessness, arrogance, low self-control, and lack of understanding and remorse.

For some readers, Rudasingwa may look physically normal, but he has qualities of disorder characterized by abnormally immoral conduct. I wish he had a personal advisor or a doctor.

I have no doubt good readers who analyze texts without prejudice, would find, or have established many bewildering and madness in this “opposition” activist/politician’s writings.

When it is not accidental, but regular and systematic, one has to come to a conclusion that there is something wrong with the writer.

For instance, on Rudasingwa’s facebook page, of March 25, 2011–he posted what he thinks about Rwanda’s position on war against Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi.

He blames the USA government and allied forces to be only interested in Libyan oil rather than saving its civilians in accordance with UN Security council resolution!!

In his propaganda hype he simulates a tête-à-tête debate between himself and President Kagame. There I realize he is nuts.

Whenever he writes about “Rwandans” or “Rwandan people” it is as if he is Rwanda (country) and its citizens (him being sole representative).  For example he writes: “The truth is that Rwanda stands naked before Rwandans, who bear the effects of your absolute rule. And sham economic growth”.  Outrageous, but he wrote and made it public!

The truth is, Rwanda and Rwandans remain inseparable. The country’s economic growth is real and measurable and not the matter to be judged by lunatics.

For Rudasingwa it is him or none. Even when the world decides, his pathological egocentrism blurs his mind, if he has any.

Rudasingwa is not only alienated from what is happening in Rwanda, but seems to be in a situation where he should be in a psychiatric hospital rather than debate in a political space.

12 thoughts on “Rudasingwa is a sick man in politics

  1. Not only Rudasingwa is a sick man but aso he is a sick man in general.
    For example during his time in Government instead of puting national intersts above his own interest, he used his different positions for his own interests like a foolishman!

    When he was RPF Secretary General he stole a lot of money. It is well known that his money appetite is huge since his childhood( remember the REDCOM at Makerere University).

    As Director of Cabinet in the President’s office he has been involved in many corruption cases(Renovation of the Presidency Office, the construction of Intercontinental Hotel noe called SERENA Hotel etc.)

    Rudasingwa is really a sick man in general

    • Yeah, Rudasingwa is a sick man but i think it will be better to precise that he is a sick of brain, because all diseases can’t cause an abnormal thinging when the brain is not attacked. For sure I don’t understand how Rudasingwa can dare to defend FDLR a terrorist movement composed by killers/genocidaires, plus to deny the genocide against tutsi in 1994. Anyway he became totally mad. But the better is that all Rwandans know that the guy is too greed for power and that he needs support from those killers/genosidaires, unfortunately, a plan which can’t succed because all Rwandans are determined to fight anyone who can try to disturb them included Rudasingwa himself an his Poor party RNC which is already in collaboration with FDLR the killers in Eastern Congo.
      Am sure Rusidangwa will face the justice,

  2. Thx Marara, I thought It was only I who thought so about Rudasingwa, but now it is clear there are many of us. I had always wondered whether there is anything left of whatever he ever believed in during the struggle to depose the Habyarimana genocidal regime and the government that he served in thereafter. Then I realized traits of some mental disorder when he publicly admitted to having a “crisis of conscience”. To those who believe or want to believe his current outbursts, how sure are you that tomorrow this guy is not going to turn around as say, “I think I was wrong when I said those things…! ” better watch out.

  3. None se uwo murwayi wo mu mutwe niwe wifuza kuza kuyobora Abanyarwanda? Yumva yabageza he? Nta mpamvu yo kujya kumuvana cyangwa ngo tumutegereze ave muri America iyo bigwa, abandi nkawe ndetse banamurusha ubwenge muri Centres z’abarwayi bo mutwe i Ndera n’ahandi hirya no hino mu Rwanda !!

  4. Well said Sly, I personally would have usually prefered helping my maid clean up the bathroom than spending my time reading from Rudasingwa et al. but just because a few people might be paying attention to their garbage of publications, i have to comment or else those people will continues to be fooled. Just like you recall his REDCOM thuggery era to the current betrayal of Rwanda for his bottomless greed. I can only compare Rudasingwa to a hyena so greedy that it would eat its own mother just for the love of meat.
    Unless he repents and asks for forgiveness, i am sure he will live the rest of his miserable life like a pauper moving around and probably end up pitching camp at the boys quarter of Agatha Habyarimana alongside his brother Gahima (who has started spending nights at Agatha’s home in France) only to be machetted upon being used to rugs to betray their mother country that they have selfishly denied their family to live in.
    I pity the hyenas.

    Ntare Nicolas

  5. All negative forces have to be defeated thoroughly,this is a pre-requisite for permanent security in Rwanda.
    The progressive and enlightned Rwandase will defeat all vultures.

    The Rwandans have risen up against the backward, and primitive ideology of divisionism ,and ideas of tribal political homogenity,which previous regimes and confused elements like Rudasingwa are trying to pedal

    the situation in Rwanda is changing, our people are understanding the effects of unprincipled divisions, Rwanda today is opposed to tribalism.we are happy to listen to our people speaking out clearly about a new aspiration of building a united Rwanda for all.
    Rwanda is committed to redressing all previous ills.
    Rugasingwa stop your hate agenda.

  6. RUDASINGWA yubaka inzu ye, usibye ibikoresho by’ubwubatsi ashobora kuba yaguraga(I even doubt) yakoreshaga enginneers ku gitugu ntanabahembe. uwangaga yamukuraga iwe nk’umufungwa akamukoresha ku ngufu. this is criminal

  7. Erega biragaragara ko Rudasingwa ashaka amaramuko. Aracyashakisha icyatuma abona ibipapuro. Aribeshya ariko kuko amagambo ye ahubwo aribumugarure bwangu aka “Zuzu” None se umuntu utangiye kunenga icyemezo cya UN Security Council, agashaka kwikoma US, murumva ku mugani atarwaye!
    Narekere aho kwigereranya na Perezida Kagame kuko ntaho bahuriye, Perezida Kagame twaramwitoreye kandi agejeje u Rwanda ku majyambere afatika, ikoranabuhanga rihanitse,…
    Ariko abamwegereye mwamugiriye inama agataha ko n’umwana w’ikirara se yamugiriye imbabazi!

    Steven Muzitsa


    First of all, I would like to highlight that the recent brilliant presidential election campaign showed clearly that all Rwandans are pride of their motherland, the development achieved so far and are eager to pursue the development agenda under President KAGAME’s leadership. The 93% obtained by H.E Paul KAGAME during the presidential election says itself.

    Just before the presidential election campaign, some people tried to create insecurity in the country by killing innocent persons in order to tarnish the image of Rwanda, but they failed.

    After the presidential election, the UN Mapping exercise report on DRC has been leaked in order to disturb Rwandan Development agenda at the beginning of the 7 years term won by President Paul KAGAME.

    Those events are nastily motivated by the hate against H.E Paul KAGAME leadership which is delivering efficiently.

    What does it mean? In my opinion, it means that Rwandan policies are perceived as policies which can not only have positive impacts on Rwandan lives but on all African Countries as well. The positive side of this is that Rwandans know very well where are their interests. They have seen all policies (good and bad ones) so that it is very easy for them to make a choice.

    I heard that some former Rwandan high officials who fled the country are pretending to speak on behalf of Hutus who are discriminated in their point of vue. It is really surprising to hear those persons who speak on behalf of an ethnic group to which they don’t belong to as if the concerned ethnic group doesn’t exist! Even if they belong to that ethnic group, they don’t have any right to speak on its behalf because they are not elected to do so. Those persons are well known for their extremism and they are trying to destroy once again the national cohesion by putting one ethnic group against an other one thinking that it is good strategy for their political goals.

    To be frank , they are wasting their time because all Rwandans are enjoying the results of the good policies put in place .

    How one can say that Hutus are discriminated while �mutuelle de santé� covers every Rwandan? Does it mean that Hutus are not concerned by that medical insurance ?OF COURSE NO!

    How one can say that Hutus are discriminated while access to education is a right for every Rwandan? It is well known that the slots in secondary school and high learning institutions are only given on the basis of results obtained at national exams .

    From local governments to central government all ethnic groups are represented and the only criteria is competence.

    The Zero tolerance for corruption is applied to everyone who is involved in corruption .

    Every Rwandan has the right to do business if he wishes. Foreigners are facilitated as well.

    People who are not seeing the good results of different policies put in place are bad minded and are condemned to fail either ideologically or military if the they try to attack Rwanda.

    In conclusion, Rwandans know where they want to go and they know which kind of leadership they need.

    Rwandans are now familiar with policies which have positive impacts on their lives on short and medium term.

    I am sure that during this 7 years term the social cohesion will be more natural than ever in Rwandan society.

    I call upon all parents to play fully their role by avoiding dividing attitudes and therefore coach their children by example.

    As far as I am concerned, I played my part as many Rwandans and I urge the few remaining ones who are being manipulated by IBIGARASHA to join our positive club so that our society can pursue harmoniously its development path.

    Kigandali Sylvere

    • Dear Sylvere, kindly accept my appreciation of your analysis/comment. You are one person whom I have found to be objective and I sincerely/totally agree with you. Lets move ahead and pessimists will be ashamed.

  9. Mwamfashije tukavuga ibitwubaka, tukabwira abanyamahanga aho tugeze bakagira confidence yo gushora imari mu gihuhu aho kwirirwa dusubizanya n’abasazi? None se umuntu urangwa na contradictions gusa akwiye gutesha abantu igihe?!ibyo twarabirenze kabisa. Let’s move forward as brothers otherwise, RT nabo bafatanyije bamaze kwiyangiza kandi ntawe bahagarariye mu Rwanda-barikirigita bagaseka bakaniterera ingoma ndetse bakanabyina!!! Bageze kure sana. Imana izabahe kwihana ndetse ibabarire kuko babayeho nabi aha mu isi, byaba bibaje bazabaho nabi mu Ijuru

  10. I think it is not worth wasting time on a mad man ”s ideas. The Rwandans should instead look ahead with progressive leaders loke H.E Paul KAGAME Rudasingwa knows well that. Rwandans are now too smart for him as days are gone when he would lock up people in containers.

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