Genocide and Myth of the Hima-Tutsi-Empire in the Great Lakes Region of Africa


By: Tom Ndahiro

Before, during and after the Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi, its promoters repeatedly claimed that the RPF and Tutsis generally had a plan to build an empire covering the Great Lakes and eventually the Sub-Saharan Africa. Even after so many Tutsis were killed, the perpetrators and their associates are trying to kill our memories of the crime committed, partially through the spreading of this myth. Continue reading

The reasons why Lionel Richie left Zambia for Rwanda: Kambanda and Himbara have ruined many young Rwandans



Tell us your story—briefly, who is “NISHIMWE RICHIE LIONEL?”


I am an intricate textbook-a piece that is very hard to crack. I see windows, not mirrors and as weird as it may appear. Basic ideas and conversations bore me-I want exceptional or slightly above extraordinary to say the least. Continue reading