Self Regulation is a Challenge the Media Can Overcome

1 April 2011


This week, Cabinet approved a resolution that will see the media entrusted with the powers to regulate itself.

Regulatory duties, have hitherto, been the responsibility of the Media High Council.

As experts in the field, the media professionals should know better what is required of them and their profession.

The media played a key role in the 1994 Genocide against the Tusti, and since then, the media have been closely watched by the public.

The unethical conduct that the media demonstrated during the Genocide, tarnished its image, however, it is the media’s responsibility to build a good reputation.

The responsibility to self regulate is a great challenge.

Those who get out of line will not only be rebuked by the public, but by peers too.

Among the media’s roles, is the watchdog function and it would be a joke for the 4th estate to play this role if its house was not in order.

Democracies, whether old or emerging, depend on the consent of an informed population, and the media are a primary source of the information people need to make decisions.

As the country continues to develop at an impressive rate, the media industry needs to work hard to keep pace with national progress.The public expects nothing less.



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