Abahakana Jenoside ni abafite ikimwaro cyo gukora icyaha no gutsindwa


Na: Dr BIZIMANA Jean Damascene*

Nyakubahwa Perezida wa Repuburika y’ u Rwanda na Madamu;

Nyakubahwa Perezida wa Repuburika Yunze Ubumwe ya Tanzaniya na Madamu; Continue reading


Genocide – A Modern Crime


By Raphael Lemkin- April 1945

“ONE of the great mistakes of 1918 was to spare the civil life of the enemy countries, for it is necessary for us Germans to be always at least double the numbers of the peoples of the contiguous countries. We are therefore obliged to destroy at least a third of their inhabitants. The only means is organized underfeeding which in this case is better than machine guns.” Continue reading