After 30 years of RPF, History Revisited


On a continent that is often characterised by tragic failure, underachievement, ever falling short of great potential, Rwanda is a promise of what can be, when an African society takes its destiny in its own hands, and looks to itself on how best to take its place in the world. Continue reading


France Can’t Run From its Complicity in the Rwanda’s Genocide Against Tutsi


By Anne Jolis

“I tell you as I saw it,” says Fidéle Simugomwa, a former Hutu-extremist militia chief during the Rwandan genocide, as he sits for an interview with French documentary-maker Serge Farnel. “The French soldiers were standing on the hill, and firing down at the Tutsi. . . . We had a sign so the French didn’t shoot at us—[we had] leaves on.” Continue reading