Neo-Interahamwe Uwizeyimana ngo niba akora icyaha aramaze ari ku rugamba


Na: Tom Ndahiro

Kugirango umenye neza umujenosideri cyangwa ushyigikira ibitekerezo bye, shyira ahagaragara ibyo yavuze cyangwa yanditse maze wirebere. Continue reading


Mr. Rudasingwa: L’ideologie peut transformer le crime en vertu


“L’homme qui dit que Kagame lui a dit” veut bêtement expliquer le Génocide des Tutsi par l’attentat du 6 Avril 1994 comme l’ont déjà fait des négationnistes bien connus. On lui connaissait jusque là d’autres inconsistances et malhônnetetés mais pas encore du négationnisme. Continue reading

A lost opportunity for justice: why did the ICTR not prosecute gender propaganda?


By Binaifer Nowrojee

72. The newspaper and the radio explicitly and repeatedly, in fact relentlessly, targeted the Tutsi population for destruction. Demonizing the Tutsi as having inherently evil qualities, equating the ethnic group with ‘the enemy’ and portraying its women as seductive enemy agents, the media called for the extermination of the Tutsi ethnic group as a response to the political threat that they associated with Tutsi ethnicity. Continue reading